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Summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and exploring.  Along with this comes a genuine concern about insects, especially ticks.  How can we play safely this season?

A few facts about ticks:
-In our area, wood ticks ( ticks) and deer ticks are the most common.
-Although ticks can carry disease, most people are concerned about deer ticks and the bacteria that they carry for Lyme Disease.
-Deer ticks are usually smaller than wood ticks and have a characteristic red/black color.  The nymph stage is the most aggressive for biting and the nymph stage peaks May-July.
-Bites usually occur at the ankle yet ticks love to migrate to warm places such as the groin, behind the ears and knees and on the back.
-Deer ticks inject the Lyme Disease bacteria into the skin and there is a 3-32 day incubation period. Watch for a red, circular rash, joint aches and flu-like symptoms.
-Quick assessment and treatment after a deer tick bite helps to clear the infection; your doctor can help you decide when to seek care and treatment.
To prevent Lyme Disease:
-avoid tick-infested habitats, if possible.
-wear tick repellent, perform tick checks and wash/dry clothing in hot water.
-wear light colored clothing with a tight weave, tuck long pants into socks and wear enclosed shoes while on trails.

A great resource to check out:

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