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The USDA My Plate Recommendations are an easy way to visualize a healthy meal. Make one half of your plate fruits and vegetables, one half of your grains should be whole grains, add some protein and choose fat free or low fat milk.  Check out

Another healthy term is "energy density."  The lower the energy density, the lower the fat content! (think salads, soups, steamed veggies rather than bacon, butter or sweets ).  For example, 25 jelly beans have an ED of 3.7  and 2 cups of strawberries have an ED of 0.2.  You get more nutrients and get filled up on the strawberries for a snack.

Other ways to prevent childhood obesity include:
4312_102207_10.jpg-Choose whole fruit rather than fruit juice for breakfast.4312_101233_1.jpg
-Offer a variety of foods during meals.
-Encourage children to participate in cooking and shopping.
-Increase meals eaten at home.-Move and play!
-Limit screen time.

High quality food leads to high quality health!

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