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                        Healthy Habits are Grade A

    With the start of the school  year it is not uncommon to see stuffy noses or upset stomachs.
Here are a few tips to share with your child to keep your child healthy while returning back for a new school year:

-Wash those hands!  Most infections are transferred by hand contact. Soap and water and some scrubbing are needed before eating meals and snacks and after using the restroom.  Wash your hands as long as it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song.  

-Enjoy those crisp Fall days!  Playing outside, riding a bike, or taking a walk are great activities to help you relax after a busy day at school.  Taking an exercise break will help you to focus while doing your homework.


-Eat a variety of colorful foods to maximize nutrition!  Choose whole grains, fruits and vegetables, milk, and lean meats.  Yogurt helps to boost the immune system and may be a delicious snack choice.
-Get some sleep!  Sleep is nature's way to restore our body.  Growth occurs, waste products are eliminated and our body has the opportunity to recharge for a new day.  Set an established bed time routine and encourage reading a story before lights out.

    Making healthy choices may enhance school performance and allow us to make the most out of our day.  As with any transition, such as building healthy habits, it takes time and practice. Mastering these health habits are worth the effort.  A "Grade A" website for further information is:

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