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Dr. Julie Bruneau:

My favorite way to spend time is teaching students how to read and write better.  Those skills are worth dollars, my friends!  If you want to understand the world and the people in it, if you want to communicate with others productively or just for fun, and if you don't want to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous advertisers and demagogues, reading and writing well are the keys to a good life.  

I welcome student emails or personal visits upon all subjects.  As a former university instructor and professor (1999-2012), I have some insights into college admissions, application essays, and college culture (academic, athletic, and social) that I am happy to share with you.  Some of my other interests include Arthurian literature, Wales, water and snow skiing, semiotics, horses, why things are funny, psychology, very old things, and traveling.  Don't be shy about coming to talk to me; I'd enjoy working with you to help you pursue your own goals, talents and interests while you're in my class.

Contact Information

By Phone:
        School: 476-5517        x146
        Best Time:  
 B block (8:29-9:14) or after school (2:30)

Preferred Method of Contact: email (then I may reply to you in the evenings as well)

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Julie Bruneau is a Language Arts Teacher at Moultonborough Academy.

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